Improve accessibility in Course Presentation


Accessibility changes needed:

  1. No tabindex should be greater then 0

  2. "Progressbar" (with blue boxes)

    1. It should either be a [role="menu"] with [role="menuitem"], or a <ol> with a[href="#"].

    2. A menuitem must have the name as aria-label

    3. "Has task" and "Answered task" should also be announced to screen reader

    4. It can be navigated by keyboard keys

    5. The currently opened page should be announced

  3. A keymap should be provided when entering CP (like k button in IV)

  4. The "Keywords" list

    1. Button that opens list should have [aria-expanded]

    2. List should be a [role="menu"] with [role="menuitem"]

    3. List should be navigated by keyboard keys

  5. White bottom bar

    1. It should be navigated by tabindex from left to right

    2. Numbering slide/total, should be read "Slide 1 of 3".

    3. Right part of bottom bar may be identified as a [role="menubar"]

    4. Fix focus effect for buttons

  6. The user should be able to tab between interactions

    1. A more visible focus effect should be added (same as IV?) for all focusable elements

    2. Posters should have [tabindex="0"] to be able to be selected

    3. Buttons should have [tabindex="0"] to be able to be selected

    4. Text, Link, Image, Video, Audio, Go to Specific Slide should have consistent focus effects added

  7. Dialogs from button should identify to readspeaker as dialog, and follow conventions for dialogs

  8. Summary slide

    1. Progress circle should read how many percent the user got correct.

    2. The score bars should communicate to a read speaker how many percent a user got right in text. (Note that they are not [role="progressbar] or <progress>. If anything they are <meter> but that would have to be polyfilled for IE")

Acceptance Criteria

1. WCAG 2.0 AA
2. Good Wai ARIA coverage
3. Important to test keyboard navigation and focus effects in all supported desktop browsers




Svein-Tore Griff With



Code reviewer




Fix versions