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Moodle: Data Reset Warning Displayed Unintentionally


Acceptance Criteria

Add a way to avoid that authors accidentally delete all progress for learners when save content state is on. Possible solutions: 1. Confirmation step when saving "This will delete students progress on this content for n students, are you sure you want to continue?" 2. Checkbox when editing to avoid resetting the content state (We can be 100 % certain that some authors will check this box and make changes that crash the content for student who has already started on it, or corrupts it - for instance by removing a question in the beginning of a quiz all the saved answers will be incorrect.) 3. Warn the author in advance that editing will remove the progress for n students 4. Lock the content from editing (this is done on quizzes by many LMSs) 5. If revisioning is on, don't delete progress, just force a new revision and make sure learners continues on the same revision they started, with the added option of forcing the over on the latest and removing the progress (too advanced) 6. Be able to update the progress data when the content gets updated (far too advanced) 7. Analyze the change to see if it might corrupt something (probably too advanced) Report back to Github





Timothy Lim