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The format I would expect from the getXAPIData in Documentation Tool contains the main statement from Documentation Tool with a finishing verb (e.g. "answered" or "completed") and the children of Documentation Tool.

The children of doctool is its pages, these are typically of "compound" interaction type since they consist of multiple inputs/answers.

The smallest pieces are "long-fill-in" for the questions that can be answered and the goals definitions, and "choice" for the goal assessments. A hand-written example for how statement and children can look (be aware that this will likely need some modification once implemented, but can be a good starting point):

Acceptance Criteria

1. Interacted events whenever the user interacts with the various widgets in the tool

2. Progressed events when the user changes pages with the same data as for CoursePresentation (what page did he go to is detailed and we use the same statement structure for detailing this)

3. When the user says he is done there will be answered events for every input field and a "completed" event for the entire tool. (With result data detailing the users answers in the answered event. The reason the answered events aren't triggered until at this point is that this is when we can be sure that the user is done answering.)

4. A getXAPIData function sending in everything in the format described in description


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