Handle Documentation tool reports in the Moodle gradebook


Because the Documentation Tool report will be rendered a non-generic way it will need a separate "processor" in the Reporting Module.
Each Reporting Module processor is free to render themselves as they wish by extending the TypeProcessor interface and implementing the generateHtml() function.
The developer can choose whether the whole report should be rendered by a single processor, or split into several smaller processors. A big processor might be fine here, since we probably will not re-use any of the fractions of the report in other content types.
Assets required for the report (e.g. goals assessment icons) must be included and rendered in the report.

The look of the Documentation Tool Report:

The design is consistent with other content type reports we already have so please use the same design elements.
Check attachment to see how each page type should be formated:

01-standard page:
For a standard page - we should print:

  • Title

  • Element type: Text input field editor (label+users input)

02-goals page:
For a goals page - we should print:

If there is at least one goal defined:

  • Title of the page

  • col1: Goal no, Col 2: Goals list

If there are no goals defined:

  • No goals label

03-goals assessment page:
For goals assessment page we should print:

If there is at least one goal defined:

  • Legend at the top describing what icon means what (take this from Doc.tool view)

  • col1: Goal no, Col 2: Goals list, Col 3: Rating

If there are no goals defined:

  • No goals label

04-document export page:
We are not printing anything in the report

Acceptance Criteria

  • Reporting Module processor(s) that can render the Documentation Tool report as designed



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