IV - Submitting answers - Implementation of the end screen in the View


End screen show/hide

  • End screen will open each time user clicks on a star. Star implementation:

  • Check how the end screen should pop up and hide:

  • Beside opening and closing on a star - end screen can pop up at various points in the video - if the author specified multiple endpoints. In a seek bar - there is no indication where these points are.

  • Star will toggle the end screen. So the end screen can be closed either by clicking a star or "X" inside the screen.

End screen content

  • Star icon

  • x Questions answered

  • You have answered 2 questions, click below to submit your answers.

  • Submit answers button

  • List of answered questions

  • Each question on the list has:

    • Time when it appears in the video

    • Question

    • Score/Total if the score is available or "answered" if the score is not available. Score is not available for Questionaire, OEQ or any question where scoring is disabled

  • Top area with a score and a button is fixed while the list gets a scrollbar

  • Close button

  • After the answers have been submitted - hide the button and show confirmation message: "Your answers have been submitted!". Next time end screen pops up - this message is hidden and the button is still there

End screen navigation

  • When the user clicks on a question or on a time in front of a question - it will close "End screen" and it will position the user in that time in the video.

  • This will not work if the navigation in IV is disabled ( user can't seek )

Acceptance Criteria

Implement end screen in the user's view


Oliver Tacke


Jelena Milinovic


Open Ended in IV

Code reviewer

Pål Jørgensen



Time tracking




Fix versions