Make it possible to print IV reports and add teacher's comment in addition to a grade


  • at the moment, OEQ questions will not print since they are in a form of a slider

Acceptance Criteria

  • it is possible to print all OEQ questions in Moodle reports

  • it is possible to leave comments in Moodle reports for OEQ


Frode Petterson
April 27, 2018, 11:09 AM

Looks good

Jelena Milinovic
April 26, 2018, 2:30 PM

Changes on current OEQ reports include:
(Changes will be explained in details in an implementation issue, this is just the list of changes)

  1. Removing slider and all elements related to it (Question counter above the title and navigation arrows). All OEQ questions should be listed at the top one below each other

  2. Moving "x questions remaining to grade" at the top of the report

  3. Adding "Comment" input field next to the "Score" and moving this box below the title

  4. Adding "Comment" below each question (this will appear when the teacher submits his comment)

  5. Removing "Change grade & comment" link on a print version

  6. Making height of the answer container not scrollable on a print version

  7. Check how all steps will look in a prototype here:

    • Open the prototype: Initial look

    • Click on a "Score" input

    • Click on a "Submit grade" button

    • Click on a "Change grade&score" link



Jelena Milinovic


Jelena Milinovic