Enable copy and paste everywhere


Acceptance Criteria

  1. Hours on the copy project

  2. Add a copy paste feature throughout H5P. It will allow you to copy any H5P content or sub-content and paste it anywhere it may be reused. Some examples:

    1. You copy a single choice set (Mark it and press CTRL + C) from a Course Presentation and paste it into an Interactive Video (CTRL + V) - already supported

    2. You copy an interactive video from a Course Presentation (Mark it and press CTRL + C) and use it as a new standalone Interactive Video (click a new paste button instead of picking a content type when creating a new H5P)

    3. You copy a standalone Course Presentation(or any other H5P content or sub content) (Press a new copy button) and paste it into a Branching Scenario (new paste button)

    4. You copy a multiple choice question inside a Question Set and paste the same question into the same question set, effectively cloning it.

It might be that the only four new places copy and paste must be supported is (1) everywhere a library may be selected as sub content, (2) everywhere a library is already selected, for instance in Speak the Word Set it must be possible to paste in a speak the words into the set, (3) Everywhere the content type hub is used (4) Branching Scenario

For IV, CP and DnD we probably also should consider if we should allow copy and paste of sub content from within the popups.

Acceptance Criteria



Jelena Milinovic


Svein-Tore Griff With




Code reviewer