Request UX feedback for H5P Bingo


I have completed the content type H5P.Bingo that I have been teasing. It was great if I could get feedback on UX.

Basically, the features are:

  • Set up an individual bingo board (size 3 to 7) with words, phrases or numbers

  • Allow to register a "bingo" and record a completed event using xAPI and gradebooks (scoring left to host)

  • Set some behavioral and visual tweaks, e.g. having some form of media on top or changing the image on the fields

One near future option might be triggering xAPI for every click on a field (which would be the verb "interacted" or something better, but I am not sure if it's necessary. A far future option might be competitions when the multiplayer API for H5P is done.

The use case is limited to well, playing Bingo, or scenarios such as having fun when attending meetings/lectures or watching TV shows. There's checking for a correct answer that's known in advance.

People seemed to enjoy the content type next to watching "Hart aber fair", a talk show and German television. One of the guests was Manfred Spitzer, a well known pseudo-scientist who always uses the same arguments and phrases. Watching the show and meanwhile playing buzzword bingo with a prepared Bingo board seemed to be fine.

Also, at least one person seems to have a use case for lectures and events:

My particular questions:

1) As "always", content scales to full width, which can result in the need for scrolling. Should this be "fixed" using a max-width setting in the content type or can this wait until H5P has a global setting for that? I think it was thought of having this before.

2) I didn't spend too much time on a11y, because I am not sure if this makes sense for this rather visual (and probably speed) oriented content type at all. Of course, I could add some read-speaker output such as "Row 1, colum 3, word xyz, activated", but people would virtually have to go through all items first and memorize the positions if they wanted to play Bingo. Is there another way of doing it, or can a11y be neglected here?

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