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      The error message should be easy to understand and show up at the appropriate time.


      Original issue:

      Error message appears when you try to collapse a Statements field:
      "The List of statements for the summary. The first statement is correct. value is below the minimum of 2."
      1. This doesn't make sense when you actually have two alternatives in the list, which is very often the case. I would guess that in 99 % of the use cases, the error messages show up when the user tries to collapse the group without any added input. This error message should be displayed if you actually had only one alternative in the list. The other error messages for each individual field takes care of the case when you haven't added text in these fields. The feedback doesn't fit the user's mental model, although it makes sense in the machine model.
      2. The referenced field's title (highlighted in bold above) is too long and the formatting makes it awkward to understand.
      A better solution would be:
      If there's only one alternative in the list (i.e. the user has deleted one of the two default alternatives) the error message "You need at least two alternatives" should be displayed when the group loses focus (and perhaps when trying to collapse it).


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