Branching Scenario (Beta): Review 'Add "prevent proceed" feature' pull request


Acceptance criteria

  • Authors can enable/disable the "require finished" option in a behavioral settings group for each content node (default: feature is disabled)

  • Authors can globally override enabling/disabling the "require finished" option in a behavioral settings group or use the individual settings per content (default: individual settings)

  • Users need to finish a node before the proceed button gets enabled if set so

  • "Proceed" button is enabled if there's no sensible action required for finishing


The pull requests will optionally allow authors of Branching Scenario to require users to "finish" a content node before the proceed button gets enabled.

Suggestions for the UX design are welcome – and expected

The feature was requested at the "Technische Hochschule Lübeck", Germany, and has been used in productive settings already for several weeks now.

Pull request details

  • Add a "behavioural" setting to optionally enable the "require finish" option

  • Add logic to go detect whether a content can require to be finished

  • general case: if the getScore function of the question type contract is implemented, expect the xAPI statement answered/completed to enable the proceed button

  • Audio/Video: expect the audio/video to trigger the "ended" event

  • Interactive Video: expect a result to be submitted if there are interactions, like regular video otherwise

  • Course Presentation: If there's more that one slide, expect the final slide to be reached (which will be the summary slide if it present and not disabled); no proceed requirements for active surface mode as it may not be obvious for the user where the "end" is, in particular counter-productive for the sample content of Branching Scenario

  • Add logic/styles for enabling/disabling the proceed button

  • Update translation files

  • Add upgrades script to add new parameters

  • Bump minor versions

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