Fix how dynamic scoring works


Acceptance criteria

Change dynamic scoring to:

  1. Let the max score be the sum of the max scores for all tasks completed by the user

  2. Let the total score be the sum of the scores obtained for all tasks completed by the user

  3. If the same task is taken multiple times, replace the max score and obtained score for that task every time so that only the latest max score and score counts toward the total score and max score. (remember that some task can have different max scores per attempt)


Todays functionality is strange and doesn't work at all if the student is allowed to go back and forth. Students have achieved scores significantly higher than the max score.

Today's solution assumes that the best path the students can take is the one that has the most obtainable points and that each task has a known max score. None of these assumptions are correct.

The drawback with the new solution is that the max score may wary for each attempt.



Acceptance Criteria



Simon Date
January 15, 2021, 2:37 PM

Just done. It certainly took a big longer than I was planning! It was the first time I had used hte ‘screen’ classes and I was learning how they worked.

I still don’t quite understanding how the static end scene works (does it have to be set by “custom end scenario”). I’ve tested my new commit against the previous version and this still seems to be consistent but I’m not sure if we also want to update this too?

Hanna Eide Solstad
January 17, 2021, 1:02 PM

Good start ! I have added some comments on github. In addition to that I have done some simple testing. I seem to get a score higher than max score:

This is for this branching scenario, where each question has a correct and an incorrect answer were the correct gives 1 point an incorrect gives 0.

The static end scene is set in the left menu, which can be overwritten by doing changes to the ending in different branches.

Simon Date
January 18, 2021, 4:13 PM

I’ve added scoring from Interactive Videos (the only content type that I believe can support questions within itself).

I’m still really confused about how intend this to work. With the ability to add custom scoring for an interaction and IV having the option of having 1 point per score. can you review my latest push and confirm that you are happy with it? From our call I think this was all you wanted



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