Core/Plugin changes to allow "H5P AR Scavenger" to run fully-featured


Acceptance criteria

  • Each of the three pull requests is either rejected or reviewed and merged into the official code base.

  • Oliver has received feedback on the decision to include the pull requests.


I have completed a new content type, but for it to run well, it would require some small changes to the H5P core/editor and the plugins. There are already pull requests for those, and asked to create this ticket.

The content type is still a little secret also some information has spoiled, so I put the beta on my server that knows about. Ask her if you want to check it out I guess the official ticket for a review will follow soon.

I know you're swamped, but since only #1 and #2 of the following paragraphs seem to be crucial for my content type and are just a couple of lines of code, I hope that those two could be reviewed quickly.

Allow gltf and glb file extensions

The content type requires people to upload files of 3D models, and I used the common glTF format. It uses files with the extensions .gltf and .glb. H5P doesn't allow those extensions, and only Drupal allows admins to amend the whitelist of file extensions.

The pull request for this one is at It's a no-brainer for reviewing

Allow steps smaller than 1 in editor number fields

There’s a bug (or lack of feature) in the editor widget for numbers. While HTML5 allows steps smaller than 1, the editor widget for numbers in H5P doesn’t and won't validate entries with steps smaller than 1 (although accepting decimal values in general).

The pull requests for this one are and No rocket-science and just a couple of lines of code. mentioned he's not sure whether this might have side effects or not.

Support HTTP Feature Policies

Browsers are becoming more and more strict when accessing browser features such as video or microphones and expect HTTP Feature Policies to be in place (also potentially causing trouble for Audio Recorder). There's a discussion about this topic related to H5P at I am proposing a code change (for WordPress to be adapted to Drupal and moodle) that will allow to use browsers' features within the H5P iframe (unless the server is even more strict and doesn't allow them).

The suggestion can be found at

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