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Image hotspots - alternative hotspot sizes - implementation


Add one extra option to the editor: "Hotspot size".
Should be a drop-down with values "Small, Medium, Large"

  • Small ( 1em )

  • Medium ( 1.5 em) - current hotspot size, this should be a default

  • Large ( 2 em )

Make sure popup arrow always points to the hotspot icon - no matter of the hotspot size.

Also make sure that the center of the hotspot remains the same when the hotspot changes size. (I think perhaps that the current saved coordinate is the upper left corner of the hotspot instead of the center. If that is the case, make it the center. Might need an upgrade script.)

Acceptance Criteria

User can select a hotspot size Popup arrow always points to the hotspot icon



Andreas Nergaard


Jelena Milinovic