New Content Type: Speak the Words Set - Implementation issue


A lot of the elements can be reused from a question set, both in the editor and in the view.

Editor ( see editor.jpg )

  • Use vtabs editor for this content type.

  • Same as in a Question set, we will have an "Introduction" group, with the same fields: Title, Introduction text, Start button text and Image. Don't show the image as a background - like in a Question set today, but as an introduction image above the title. ( see view.jpg, img 1. )

  • Update the name of the tabs on the left with the text from a "Question" field ( see update-title.jpg )

  • Each question will have fields:

  • Question*

  • Accepted answers (list)*

  • Answer (list item)

  • Incorrect answer text

  • Correct answer text

  • ("Incorrect answer text" and "Correct answer text" should be moved from a translations group here - since I think It should be possible for the user to provide a custom feedback for each question )

  • Language of speech input

Below the questions:

  • Progress indicator ( Choose a progress indicator - will work the same way as in a question set )

  • Overall feedback ( Set a feedback for the end of the set )

  • Text Overrides and translations ( user view translations - without "Correct answer text" and "Incorrect answer text" - those are moved )

View ( see view.jpg )

1. Starting screen ( optional )
2. Question
3. While answering
4. Answered - Incorrectly
5. Show solutions mode
6. Answered - Correctly
7. The last question ( all questions are answered and we show the finish button. It is possible to get forward and back between questions but the finish button is not showing until the viewer has answered all the questions - same behaviour as in a question set )
8. Last screen ( after the user has pressed "Finish" ). Overall feedback is showing on this screen

Note: Design for this content type includes Overall feedback HFP-1174 DONE and a new Score design - HFP-1229 SELECTED FOR DEVELOPMENT

Acceptance Criteria

New content type where we can have more than one "speak the words" in a set


Frode Petterson
September 21, 2017, 12:46 PM

Excellent work.

Jelena Milinovic
September 21, 2017, 11:31 AM


Thomas Marstrander
September 21, 2017, 11:25 AM

Have updated labs

Thomas Marstrander
September 21, 2017, 10:46 AM

1) Unfortunately that's not possible since there is only 1 library, SpeakTheWords, it will always default to this unless you have multiple libraries.
2) Must have forgotten to upload this to labs, should already be working
3) Fixed

Jelena Milinovic
September 21, 2017, 8:33 AM

Looks great Thomas!

Few things that can be improved:

1) Can you update the name of the tabs on the left with the text from a "Question" field? So it won't say "Speak the words" for each
2) Can you move "Labels and texts" to "Translations group"? "Correct" and "Incorrect" texts should be on a question level, but stuff under "Labels and texts" should be on a content level.
3) Can you allow the user to answer only one question at a time? At the moment you can push the red button on each question and answer all the questions at the same time.
So basically if you press "push to speak" and move to the next question - when you go back you will have to press it again to start answering.



Thomas Marstrander


Jelena Milinovic


Speak the Words Set

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Frode Petterson