Embed does not work by default for Speak The Words


iFrames must specifically say that they allow the page that is embedded to use certain resources, such as the microphone. This will also be the case for geolocation, camera and other devices/technologies for security reasons.
This is likely to be a problem in future content types as well.
Although the author is completely free to edit the embed code, they may not have the knowledge to allow the iFrame to use these resources and then they will get an error message instead.

We can add the "allow" attribute to our embed code to allow the usage of microphone in the H5P that is within them:

More info: https://dev.chromium.org/Home/chromium-security/deprecating-permissions-in-cross-origin-iframes

The issue is rooted in a series of emails where a user had a problem with this and was unable to find a solution themselves.

Acceptance Criteria

  • Find a way to make it easier for users to embed H5Ps seamlessly, that need permission to access devices such as microphone, camera, etc. in a crossorigin embed/iframe.





Thomas Marstrander